Day Pass Terms & Conditions

As a private membership club, The Union was established to foster community, commerce, creativity, and culture amongst a network of creators, disruptors, entrepreneurs, technologists, executives, artists and forward thinkers. 

So if this is your first time, welcome to The Union! If you’re returning, welcome back!

To help cultivate the best experience as a guest and maintain our community standards, please be mindful of the following policies:

The privacy of our membership community is a top priority. There is a strict no picture or recording policy of The Union members unless approved by The Union management. Additionally, if you are joining us as a guest, please do not approach, disturb or solicit any others with who you are not personally acquainted.

Our community is full of hard working hustlers. Please be aware of your noise level as to not disrupt or distract tasks from being accomplished. 

The Union is maintained by all of our members. Please, be mindful of your cleanliness. Be sure to wash your dishes and discard of your trash in the appropriate bins. 

Cobot Terms & Conditions

Cobot is the web platform used by The Union to provide this website.

See Cobot Terms